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Extension Audio Aux Cable

Extension Audio Aux Cable

Extension Audio Aux Cable

Product model:extension Audio aux cable

Product No:JH-Audio-04

Product brand:JIANHAN

Interface type:3.5mm 4-Pole male to femle audio plug

Function:Data transmission



FOB Sport:Shenzhen


Detailed information

Nylon braided male to female extension audio aux cable


3.5mm 4-pole male to female gold-plated plug,features a flexible red nylon braided jacket,metal casing.


beveled step-down design creates a secure connection,while its dual shielding, polished metal molding, corrosion-resistant gold-plated plug ensure reliable performance and minimal signal loss.  


functioning as an extension piece, the cable provides added length, making it easier than ever to connect 3.5mm audio-output device.


connect iPods, iPhones, media players, and other devices to a car stereo, portable speaker, or any device equipped with a standard 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port.