2K HDMI 4K cable
Publisher:Jianghan Electron Co., Ltd. Time:2015-09-30

   Do you have the effect of having a 4K for 4K, but you can't enjoy the effect of the super HD?

2K HDMI 4K cable to help you.


    Because the 4K Ultra HD sources is relatively less than normal, so the purchase of 4K TV subscribers more is playing traditional 1080p Full HD resources. In order to solve the problem of temporary lack of sources, 2K 4K HDMI cable will come in handy. This function is probably the principle is the 1080p Full HD sources of each frame image analysis, by way of calculation and filled to the 2K picture into 4K picture, so as to improve the image accuracy.

  Next, we'll look at the comparison of the 2K to HDMI cable 4K:

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