How many USB cable types you know in your daily life ?
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The USB cable is a universal standard and used for connecting electronic or computer peripherals. This universal cable has replaced a wide range of connectors from the past, including midi ports, mouse ports, DB9 serial and parallel ports. The USB cable helps to simplify the entire process of connecting a mouse, hard drive, keyboard, or monitor to computer without needing to be concerned with finding specific cables for each piece of hardware.

Here are a few of the different types of USB cables:


The USB-Mini is a smaller version of the standard cable and a practical choice for connecting the portable devices. It is useful for hardware like camera and MP3 players. This type is rarely used in modern tech and replaced by the USB Micro.But you could still see it in somewhere,such as MP3,MP4,X-B0X,PS4,some game players etc.

USB Micro

The USB Micro is the preferred choice for connecting memory sticks, flash drives, or similar to the latest mobile devices. It has the ability to read data without having to rely on a computer.So thanks for its technical and convenience,micro usb port has been widely used for mobile phone,tablet,e-reader,power bank,intellect home appliances and more electronic could see it in your office,home,car,or in your nice journey. Jianghan also have provided the newest reversible micro usb port and have been used on mostly cable assemblies.

USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 cable is a high-speed and versatile option. It is designed with backwards compatibility to make it easy to use with the early USB ports and cables. There is a slight change in the shape of the connector pins to make it more durable and able to stand up to repeated use. Also, there is also a USB 3 micro cable that is built with more pins to make it more efficient at transferring data.

USB-A 2.0

The USB-A is a preferred choice for using with power outlets or computers. It has multiple uses including data transfer, connecting devices to computers or charging devices. This type of cable can only be connected in one way.With the development of technical and practical,USB A type also have been designed reversible type,which helps you plug into the USB port easier in the right way on either side all the time. 


The USB-B is the most practical choice for connecting an external hard drive or printer to a computer. This type of USB cable isn't very common.Most of them is compatible with printer,copier etc,especially some brand like HP,EPSON,Canon,Panasonic and other equipments


The USB-C is one of the latest developments to easily connect devices. This cable is appreciated for its high power flow and high-speed data transfer. Also, the cable is reversible for greater flexibility in use.

With such a wide range of USB cables, it is essential to research the different options to make sure you have the right one to match the specific hardware or add-ons. Also, it is important to avoid connecting the wrong cables or attempting unconventional connections because this has the risk of causing damage to your hardware.

Hope what we share could help you know more about cable accessory in your daily life and give you a right choice for your electronic device at hand.If you have any other idea or suggestion,you are welcome to contact us or leave messages.



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