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Newest Molding USB 2.0 to type C

Newest Molding USB 2.0 to type C

Newest Molding USB 2.0 to type C

Product model:Reversible USB 2.0 to Type C cable

Product No:JH-CUC-C08

Product brand:JIANHAN

Interface type:USB2.0

Function:Charging & Data transmission



FOB Port:ShenZhen


Detailed information

Braided type C,newest USB 2.0 to type C with 22AWG electric wire for power charging

  • Specifications:
    • USB type C connector: three piece set, with 3.1 version PCB
    • Inner mold material: PP
    • Out mold material: TPE
    • Cable: 22AWG+28AWG+Al+ braided shielding
    • Outer diameter: 3.5mm
    • Length: 1m
    • Color: RED
  • Electrical:
    • Small form factor for ultra-sleek, mobile devices
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Flippable design for easy mating
    • Connectors to support up to 3A for PD
    • No exposed contact on plug
    • Durable user interface (10,000 mating cycles)
    • Reduce aperture size to minimize EMI leakage
  • Key characteristics:
    • USB 3.1 C type, which can fit into a port whether upside-down or right-side up, reversible
    • USB power delivery and the actual USB type-C connector
    • An entirely design tailored to work well with emerging product design
    • New smaller size: similar in size to existing USB 2.0 micro-b
    • Usability enhancements: users will not no longer need to be concerned with plug orientations/cable direction, making it easier to plug in
    • Type C connector and cable will support scalable power charging
    • Scalability: connector design will scale for future USB bus performance